Joubertina: Everything you need to know about Joubertina!

If you are looking for the perfect place to visit in South Africa, then you have found just the ideal paradise for you! Joubertina is a quiet and beautiful town in South Africa where you can enjoy the countryside beauty of the south. 

Joubertina is a little town set amongst the other beautiful villages in Africa. Just like Joubertina, the villages that surround it also have lyrical names like Kareedouw, Louterwater and Musgund. All of these wonderful gems make up the Route 62 of South Africa. Specifically, Joubertina is located on the Eastern side of Cape. According to history, this place suffered notoriety. Moreover, the town used to languish with the fact that it had very little thing going on for it and Cape doesn’t even have horses for transfers until the famous wine route was established. This allowed the town to have access to trains and other transports that made trade possible and created the foundation of Joubertina today. From being one of the least popular places in South Africa, Joubertina is now known as the undiscovered town and the Big Apple of Route 62. The latter name is due to the apple plantation located in the town. 

The town of Joubertina sees a lot of visitors and tourists due to the wine route that goes around Cape Town, Oudtshoorn, Port Elizabeth and Langkloof. This wine route provides a prettier view for the travellers with its view of the ocean and the wide road around the forest. For this reason, most tourists chose to take this route instead of the dangerous N2 highway. 

Joubertina: The big apple of Routen 62

Joubertina, pronounced as Djou-ber-tina, is a small village nestled in the land of Baviaanskloof, Kouga and the mountain range of Tsitsikamma. It is mostly a land for farming with most of the accommodations reserved for plantation workers and owners. However, there are also tourist accommodations in the area and some cafes and restaurants that you can visit. 

The most popular attraction in town is the apple farms where you can pay the entrance fee and grab a basket to pick your own fresh apples. A variety of apple dishes are also available in town so you can enjoy a scrumptious treat while out on your vacation. The most satisfying part about a vacation in Joubertina is the sight that surrounds it. 

The mountain ranges will simply take your breath away with their inherent beauty and appeal. Every year, thousands of mountain climbers visit Joubertina to hike across the mountain ranges and discover the unique animals that live in the forests. 

Beauty from a new perspective 

Jaubertina is a place that is different from most people’s dream vacation destination. Some people would describe the place as bleak and plain. However, it has a countryside charm to it that you surely would appreciate. The place is quiet and there are a lot of local stores that you can indulge yourself in. You can say that Joubertina has a character all on its own and you can only discover its beauty once you have stayed in town. 

Come visit Joubertina and experience the calm and alluring life in the countryside where you can try different goods in a single store or purchase a packet of homemade rusks from the hairdressers down the street. 

You might find only a few out of town visitors, but the calming atmosphere around the little village creates a welcoming air that you will fall in love with. Visit Joubertina now and see the most popular places to travel to below: 

Popular places you shouldn’t miss out on in Joubertina 

Despite being a small town right in the middle of South Africa’s countryside, Joubertina is full of wonderful destinations that you can visit. All of these places bring a unique perspective of nature take a look at all the amazing places you can visit right here at Joubertina: 

Langloof valley 

Langloof valley is located in the Cape Fold Belts. It is a short-range mountain that links the Tsitsikamma and Outeniqua mountains. Beneath the mountain range, you will find the valley that stretches to about 160 kilometres making it the ideal place to plant fruits such as apples and pears. 

Aside from this, the area of Langloof valley has a lot of fynbos. In fact, there are about 2,000 species of fynbos in the valley allowing it to inhabit some of the most incredible birds in South Africa. If you are particularly fond of bird watching, you will surely enjoy the view in Langloof. It’s the hiking mecca of every adventure lover! 

Biviaanskloof wilderness reserve 

The Biviaanskloof wilderness reserve is an area that is usually hard to access since it has numerous river crossings. However, the view beyond is definitely worth the ride. If Langloof valley boasts of a bird’s paradise, Biviaanskloof is full of baboons. You can even see the footprints of these lovely creatures in the mud near the river. What makes this place even more beautiful is that it is uncultivated, untamed and rugged. Everything you see is purely the work of nature. This is one of the reasons why it is the most ideal spot for tourists to camp. Of course, you should inform the town officials if you plan on spending a night in the wilderness 

The Biviaanskloof is considered as a World Heritage since 2004. It has over 180,000 hectares of land making it the third-largest reserve in South Africa following Kruger National Park and Kalahari. 

Bloukrans pass 

If you and your friends are up for a hike, you should visit the Bloukrans pass. This tourist spot offers some of the most magnificent mountain views you will ever see. Lush valleys of mountain line the area filled with trees and all kinds of wildlife. 

If you visit the Bloukrans River bridge located just beyond Nature’s Valley, you will find the famous bungee jumping site in Joubertina, which is known for being the highest commercial bungee jumping site at 216 metres! 

Formosa nature reserve 

Formosa nature reserve is located just south of the Nature’s Valley near the town of Kareedouw and Misgund. It is one of the most popular spots for beachgoers since it features a beautiful coastline that connects to the river of South Africa. 

Aside from the beautiful coastline view, you will also see the wonderful Formosa peak, which is the highest peak in the Tsitsikamma range of mountains. This beautifully wild reserve is undisturbed by human civilization making the nature and ecosystem inside it all the more alluring. If you love observing nature, you will enjoy roaming around on a tour at Formosa nature reserve. 

There are no formal hiking areas in Formosa. However, there are tours offered by the locals that you can take if you want to see everything that the park has to offer. We would also like to advise you to bring your binoculars since the area is full of the most exotic birds that you can ever find right here in Africa. 

Kareedouw pass 

The land of Kareedouw is only a small land in the mountain ranges of Southern Outeniqua, Langkloof, Tsitsikamma and Kareedouw in the Cape Fold Belt mountains. This pass connects the little town of Kareedouw to the beautiful mountain range of Tsitsikamma’s Garden route. It is known as the longest wine route in the world. For this reason, a lot of people visit it every year. 

The Kareedouw pass is a wonderful destination for long drives since it exposes you to a long concrete road full of wonderful views and a peak between two mountains. You might also want to stop by the Dutch Reformed Church in the Kareedouw village since it is considered as a landmark in the town. It is made of stone with beautiful carvings. 

Kouga wilderness 

This unique wilderness is one of the most extraordinarily diverse areas in South Africa. In fact, it represents at least seven biomes, which makes it a rich area for different types of plants to grow. 

This spot is famous to hikers since then mountain range presents a challenging but also beautiful destination for a climb. We also recommend going around the Kouga wilderness in a kayak trip along the Kouga River. This will take you around the wilderness of Kouga where you can spot beautiful vegetation and wildlife. It’s an incredible landscape that cannot help but feed the soul of the adventurous! 

Tsitsikamma national park 

The Tsitsikamma national park is located in the heart of a picturesque tourist spot in South Africa known as the Garden Route. This rocky coastline will present you with a dream-like view lined with majestic mountains and fynbos where exotic birds nest. 

Right above the mountain, you will see the wonderful ocean breakers and ancient rivers met together. There are also activities in this area that will introduce you to the marine life in Africa. However, there is a strict rule against taking home marine animals. You can sign up for a scuba diving trip and let the locals in the area show you around the best coral reefs and marine sports in the Tsitsikamma national park. 

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