Five tourist attractions around Joubertina

The tourism industry is slowly recovering years after the global health crisis, and South Africa is one of the countries slowly opening up to domestic and foreign visitors. One underrated tourist spot in the country is Joubertina, a town located in the Eastern Cape.

Joubertina is a large green space surrounded by rivers and filled with nature reserves visitors can go to. But if you want to know what attractions Joubertina has to offer, here is a list of the five places you should stop by:

Langkloof Valley

The town of Joubertina itself is located in this valley. Aside from the picturesque views of the mountains around, you can also find various paintings by the Bushmen, an indigenous tribe in southern Africa. Most importantly, you can take a hike at the surrounding mountains of Kammanassie Mountains, Kouga, and Langkloof.

Apple plantations have remained in the area since the 1900s. Pears were also farmed in the valley during that time.

Kouga Wilderness Area

The Kouga Wilderness is known for having the largest collection of flora and fauna representing each of the seven biomes of the world. This place boasts several hiking trails, rock faces, and even has a kayaking option available along the Kouga River. Overall, the natural landscape of the Kouga Wilderness is just so astounding.

Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve

The Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve is filled with rugged terrain that remains untouched by humans. It has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for being both its natural and cultural significance in the Eastern Cape. You can also explore caves painted by the San people.

Formosa Peak

Formosa Peak is the highest point of Tsitsikamma Mountains, a mountain range surrounding the Langkloof Valley. The place currently has the best and most popular hiking trail in the Eastern Cape due to the magnificent view once you reach the top. If you are looking for a challenging mountain adventure, climbing to Formosa Peak should be on your list.

Bloukrans River

The Bloukrans River is located between the Western and Eastern Capes near Formosa Peak. Walking tours across the river are available for tourists wanting to appreciate the natural beauty of the river and the forest it sustains.

However, the most popular feature of this place is the Bloukrans River Bridge Bungee Jump, currently the world’s highest commercial bungee jump at 216 meters high. There is also a nearby restaurant overlooking the river.
If you are looking to reconnect with nature, why not visit Joubertina? The place is far enough from the city but it still has several accommodation options for tourists. With the five attractions on this list, you are sure to enjoy your stay in this small town.

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