The best places you can visit in the town of Joubertina

Can you count how many places you have visited across the world? Depending on your answer, there must be a feeling inside you that loves to go places and see different sceneries. If you feel like you have gone to all of the best tourist spots in the world, think again because there is a wonderful place known as Joubertina!

Joubertina is a small town in the province of the Eastern Cape of South Africa. This is locally known as an undiscovered gem since not a lot of people are familiar with the location. Despite that, Joubertina has a star-studded list of tourist destinations that you will like! To know more about them, below is a list of each place alongside their descriptions:

Langkloof Valley

You will be blown away by the breathtaking view of the Langkloof Valley! It has the greenest grass fields with lots of animals grazing and resting in the area. Aside from that, it spans about 160 kilometres. When you reach its north, the Kammanassie and Kouga Mountains, and its south are bounded by Tsitsikamma and Kareedouw Mountains.

With mountains towering over the valley, it has a lot of fresh air breeze that calms the mind. Additionally, the view of the mountain ranges is a sight to behold since it makes you more curious about the wonders of nature.

Baviaanskloof Wilderness Reserve

In Joubertina, there’s a place dubbed as the Baviaanskloof Wilderness Reserve, which means ‘the valley of baboons’. Its wilderness is unmatchable, and you could never create something like it artificially. On top of that, various animal species roam around the reserve freely, so it is best to be careful when approaching any of them. 

Besides that, the Baviaanskloof Wilderness Reserve also has predatory animals, and it is advised to every tourist to take caution and avoid straying away from a large group. The Baviaanskloof also boasts diverse natural ecosystems existing in the area. On top of that, seven of South Africa’s eight biomes can be seen here! Here is a list of what you can see:

  • Fynbos
  • Forest
  • Grasslands
  • Succulent Karoo
  • Nama-Karoo
  • Subtropical thicket
  • Savanna

Bloukrans Pass

The Bloukrans Pass translates to the Blue Grag’s Pass. It cuts through the Grootrivier and Bloukrans gorges within the Tsitsikamma Forests. Moreover, this pass was meant to speed up travel time when driving across Joubertina. Unfortunately, the Bloukrans Pass was not maintained well, and the local government decided to close the path from traffic. Despite that, you can still visit the Bloukrans Pass during the day.

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